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Vecchi Edition 1974 - 1983

Record Edition 1994 - 2000

Mythos Edition 2000 - 2006


Panini Edition 2008 -


Three different publishers (as of 2008 - Four publishers!) have been involved with MAD in Brazil. Begining in 1974 and ending in 2006. They have developed a lot of local material and many very good local covers. One editor by the name of OTA has been involved with through the years and is responsible for much of the content.

I understand that the Mythos edition, issue # 46, published in late 2006 was the last issue. Panini, the publishing company that published MAD in Germany has acquired the rights to all DC publications in Brazil, but, as of July 2007 had not made any plans to publish MAD.

3/28/08 - I understand that Panini has taken up the challenge and is now publishing MAD in Brazil!

10/2008 - I have now received the first 6 issues of Panini Edition of MAD. Click above to view covers.

Is there anyone out there familiar with MAD in Brazil? Have you read these issues? How was MAD accepted in Brazil? Click on the eMail button and add your story to the GlobalMAD forum.



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