The First Issues Published by each country
      Argentina - July 1977    
        A variation of the cover of US # 180 (January 1976) with a major change. The US version shows AEN swimming to the right and the shark about to attack. This version show AEN swimming to the left with a huge stomach and a devoured shark carcass. This edition of MAD in argentina ran for 5 years and 60 issues were published.    
  Australia - September 1980    
  Duplicate of US Version # 219. Was not numbered as #1. Wasn't really numbered at all. On fifth issue they started using issue number 223 to correspond with US version.          
Brazil "Vecchi" Edition
July 1974
        The first edition of MAD in Brazil was published by "Vecchi" publishing in July 1974. This edition ran for 103 issues. There were several Brazil-only covers and many local articles. This cover is a copy of the US cover #167 from July 1974.    
  Brazil "Vecchi" 2nd Edition 1976    
  The first edition of MAD in Brazil was published by "Vecchi" publishing in July 1974. After 2 years the magazine became very popular and the editors wished to capitalize on the popularity by reprinting the first issues, thus the 2nd Edition. Somewhere at least 20 of the first issues were reprinted as a "2a Edicao". They were exact reprints from the first edition except that they were labeled "2a Edicao" and the prices were three to four times the original          
      Brazil "Record" Edition
July 1984
        After 103 "Vecchi" issues and a year and a half without MAD, a new publisher took the reigns in Brazil. Record publishing kicked off with this Brazil-Only cover and ran for 159 issues.    
  Brazil "Mythos" Edition
December 2000
  The Third iteration of MAD in Brazil. New publishers used a new cover format but the cover drawing was a variation of a drawing used before on the cover of Brazilan MADs. This edition ended with the November 2006 issue.