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There have been three editions of Italian MADs. There were 13 issues in the first series, published between 4/71 & 3/73. The second series was published in 85/86 and consisted of 14 issues (issue 5&6 from 1985 were combined in a single issue). The third series consisted of 9 issues and was published in 90 & 91.

For some reason issues #s 6 through 13, from the first series, were printed in large format (roughly twice the size of "normal" MADs.) These issues are the size of Life Magazine (9.5 in. x 12.5 in) rather than the standard MAD size. It seems they made them larger to compete for shelf space.

What do you know about MAD in Italy? Email me with your information and/or impressions or if you have some copies of the Italian MAD to sell.

Thank You. Ciao!


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